The Bachelor

“Living conditions in Spain, 1840-1919: evidence from standard budgets” is the title of my BA thesis, based on a research in economic history. Its purpose was to study years characterized, not only for Spain, by substantial political and economic transformations. To do this, I have focused on household budgets, building a database of standard budgets.

The research has brought interesting results, with both new sources and sources which had never been used so far in this context, especially for a long-run analysis. Two were my main goals:

  1. to show that not only household budgets, in which Spain does not abound, but also standard budgets can be a solid tool for historical analysis;
  2. to describe and analyze Spanish well-being focusing on some quantitative aspects: consumption, income and, as far as possible, inequality, poverty and education.

If you are interested, click here to read the full text. However, it lacks of the most important page, the one in which I thank all the people who helped and supported me. Without them, who are not responsible for any scientific conclusion, this work would never have seen the light.

Featured image: Joaquín Sorolla, Boat builders (1894)


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