What is HappSoc?


Theory of anonymity

1/   It is an action stimulating the receptiveness and multifaceted enjoyment of reality, released from the stream of everyday existence.

2/   Reality, thus encountered and limited in time and space, acts by means of the potency of its relations and tensions.

3/   Bringing this reality into the open as a new concept ushers in the recognition of the immensity and breadth of mutually dependent relationships.

4/   It stands for gentle and all-inclusive commitment.

5/   It is a process that uses objectivity to stimulate a subjective way of looking at things and elevating their perception to a higher level.

6/   It is, therefore, a generally valid way of dealing with life on the basis of an “as found” reality, thus making it possible to bring into full play its scope in its entirety.

7/   It allows for the possibility of investing a chosen reality with the superreal, that is, a new reality enriched by its own charge.

8/   It is a synthetic manifestation of social existence as such and therefore, by necessity, a shared property of all.

9/   It links up with a whole range of happenings and processes of change and shocks by its very existence.
In contrast to happenings, it manifests itself as a singular, unvarnished reality, which remains unaffected by any immediate encroachment upon its primordial form.

10/   For those who share this concept (of reality), the immediate environment does not merely reveal itself as a thing, but, in addition, includes as well all the relationships and chains of events that grow out of such cognition.

11/   Its realization is not accidental, but intentional and stimulating.

12/   It was realized for the first time between May 1 and 9, 1965, in Bratislava and thus became a manifesto of its own consummation.

[Filko – Kostrová – Mlynárčik (1965),
translation by Eric Dluhosch]
Featured image: Stano Filko, Transcendence (1978)

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