The Manifesto of Non-Hostile Communication

1 – Virtual is real
I say or write on the Web only things that I have the courage to say in person.

2 – We are what we communicate
The words I choose tell the person I am: they represent me.

3 – Words shape the thinking
I take all the time I need to best express what I think.

4 – Listen before speaking
No one is always right, not even me. I listen with honesty and openness.

5 – Words are a bridge
I choose my words to comprehend, to be understood, to get closer to the others.

6 – Words have consequences
I know that every word can have consequences, small or big.

7 – Sharing is a responsibility
I share texts and images only after having read, evaluated, and understood them.

8 – Ideas can be discussed. People must be respected
I do not transform who supports opinions I do not agree with in an enemy to be destroyed.

9 – Insults are not arguments
I do not accept insults and aggressiveness, even in favor of my thesis.

10 – Also silence communicates
When the best choice is to remain silent, I keep silent.

Click here to sign the Manifesto (in Italian).

[F.O. – translated from Annamaria Testa,
Il manifesto della comunicazione non ostile.
E altri fatti lì attorno
(Internazionale, February 20th, 2017) ]
Featured image: Alberto Magnelli, Points d’Hostilité (1941)

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