Reading a text you wrote years ago is a very hard test. Once overcome this obstacle, I have decided to quickly get my hands on the final work of my high school years. Just a few adjustments and a bit of restyling, but much contempt for the tone I used. Much moralism, prejudices and a tinge of arrogance.

What remains, after this depuration, is a brief review of some of the characters, themes and events that revolve around two main questions: how did the European (in particular Italian) intellectual, cultural, scientific and political world face fascisms? How can hegemony be conquered?

A few pages of ideas that I hope to be appreciable, the brainchild of an evolving youngster. For those who are interested, here you can find the full text (in Italian).

Featured image:
Peter Paul Rubens, Achilles defeating Hector (1630-32)

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